Welcome to the CPA Saint-Laurent home! The Saint-Laurent Figure Skating Club proudly serves the local community with its rich skating programs and activities. Our not-for-profit organization is run entirely by volunteers. The club strives to encourage, foster and promote interest, participation, instruction, development, enjoyment and advancement in the art of ice skating.

We are thrilled to announce that our home club skater, Edrian Celestino, is ready for the world scene! Please click here to read an exciting article about our extraordinary skater. Best of luck Edrian!! We are so very proud of you! :)

For a guide on how to register online, please click here.
The Saint-Laurent Figure Skating Club is home to many athletes, each of whom plays an important role in making the Saint-Laurent Figure Skating Club what it is today. From day one, each athlete is supported and encouraged by their peers and by our volunteers.

We are proud of our athletes!
The Saint-Laurent Figure Skating Club is dedicated to providing the community with a variety of programs that fit all age groups and skill levels.

We are pleased to continue to offer the CanSkate, Adult Skate, STARSkate and Competitive Skate programs to our members.

Every year the Saint-Laurent Figure Skating Club presents its annual ice show.

Our youngest skaters from our CanSkate groups to our more mature skaters from the Adult group and everyone inbetween is invited to participate!

At CPA St-Laurent, we are proud of our athletes!
Our athletes work hard and dedicate a big portion of their free time to improve and exemplify their skills and it is what makes our team of volunteers strive for excellence.

Please click here for our news page regarding accomplishments of our athletes!
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